Low sugar Black Sesame Sugar

This easy brunch recipe, made with eggs, avocado and Parma ham, is just as good served for lunch or dinner.

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By Wzp123

Today, when I flipped through the cabinet, I realized that I had forgotten when I had stored a large box of black sesame seeds. It happened that my mother-in-law was there and I made it for them to chew and nourish their hair Because old people don’t want to eat too sweet, I use Shuiyi, also called corn syrup, so the temperature I use is also suitable for Shuiyi. If you use maltose, you must not use my boiling temperature, because maltose is not the same as Shuiyi, and you can Baidu yourself about the difference Also, Shuiyi is a white, transparent, and easily flowing syrup that does not color during cooking. Anyway, I haven’t cooked it before. If you really boiled it, then you’re good I have already asked my father-in-law to try it out, and he said it’s very fragrant and delicious, not sweet or sticky, so don’t reduce the sugar anymore

The Practice of Black Sesame Sugar

Today, when I flipped through the cabinet, I realized that I had forgotten when I had stored a large box of black sesame seeds.


  • 1 mold
  • 1 frying spoon
  • 1 wok
  • 1 knife



  • 600 grams cooked black sesame
  • 30 grams Shuyi (Corn Syrup)
  • 200 g caster sugar
  • 100 g water
  • 30 grams Corn oil


  • First, wash the black sesame seeds. It is normal if the black sesame seeds lose color. Don’t worry about the dyed black sesame seeds. You can remove the floating dust, sand and stones, and use a filter to drain the water for later use.
  • Prepare the mold, lay the silicone mat, the size of the mold does not matter, the sugar is easy to organize, we only use one side.
  • Then fry the sesame seeds dry, start with high heat, adjust the firepower when the water slowly dries up and the black sesame does not stick to the shovel, fry slowly on medium and low heat, taste while frying, and stir fry in time, do not fry because the black sesame is black Sesame can't see the color
  • The black sesame is getting sandy, the grains are clear, and the color is getting lighter, that is, it is fried, put it in a pot for later use
  • Pour the fine sugar, water, water, and corn oil into a non-stick pan. Prepare the mold and the thermometer, so that the sugar is not boiled, and other work is not done, and you are in a hurry.
  • If it is an open fire stove, adjust the fire to medium. The firepower is too strong. I use a high fire for this kind of electric stove. There is no need to stir, but you can pick up the pot and shake the liquid gently during the heating process to make the syrup evenly heated , it can be clearly observed that as the heating temperature rises, the large bubbles slowly turn into small bubbles. The temperature will not rise very fast, but it will not stagnate and rise slowly. It is recommended to use a thermometer, which is convenient and quick
  • I was going to boil the sugar to 145 degrees, but I want to take a picture of the test syrup for you, that is, dip a chopstick into the cold water and drop a few drops of the syrup into cold water to see if it crystallizes. It is obvious that mine turned into sugar grains immediately after entering the water , in the process of taking pictures, the temperature of the sugar has been burned to 150 degrees, so quickly leave the fire and it turns out that it has no effect. That is, 145-150 degrees is fine.
  • Pour in the black sesame seeds and stir evenly, don't worry about it becoming hard very quickly, I feel that there is plenty of time for my operation
  • After mixing, we can pour the sugar into the mold to shape.
  • It will be a little hot at the beginning. Use a noodle cutter and a rolling pin to assist. It must be compacted so that the cut noodles will look good. Large, it’s good to lean on one side. If the sugar is thinner, it’s better to cut into pieces. If you want to slice it, shape it thicker.
  • I'm going to slice it, so there will be thickness when viewed from the side
  • I don’t use special knives, just the kitchen knives at home. Don’t cut when the sugar is still a little soft when it’s still warm. Wait until it’s naturally cooled until the knife cuts and won’t flatten the shape. Don’t wait too long, too long. The sugar will be brittle, so it’s not easy to cut. I also feel that cutting this black sesame candy is different from nougat. Nougat is suitable for cutting with a single knife. It’s best to cut slowly like cutting meat, and press down the knife bit by bit. On the contrary, the cut looks good, and the sugar will not be chopped into pieces.
  • I just cut it as I like, and I didn’t measure the size. If I sell it, the length, width, and thickness will be the same, and the appearance will be greatly improved.
  • The cooled sugar will not stick together, and I didn’t pack it, so I packed it in a lockable box, stacked it up, and it’s easy to take
Course: sesame
Cuisine: Chinese
Keyword: fragrant

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