Aquaculture Crab Fish shell Shrimp Bean Cake Cattle Chicken Congee Dairy Dried fruits Duck Dumpling Egg flower plants Fruit Fruits,vegetables Mushroom Result vegetables Root, stem vegetables Leafy marinated Meat Pig Sheep Noodles Other aquatic products Rice Rice noodles Sandwich Soup Soup Congee staple Steamed bread wonton
Beef ribs Bitter Melon Black Sesame Sugar Black fungus fried yam Boiled pork slices in water Braised Eggplant in Brown Sauce Braised Noodles Braised Prawns in Oil Braised chicken Bulgogi Bibimbap Cabbage Cheese ham sandwich Coca Cola Chicken Wings Cranberry cake biscuits Crayfish Dim sum Egg Fried Rice Fish Flavored Shredded Pork Fish roe and tofu pot Hand shredded chicken How to make Congee How to make Wonton How to make dumplings How to make lamb Jiangxi stir fried noodles Lemon Shrimp Lemon Shrimp with Sauce Lemon chicken feet Mapo tofu Milk whole wheat toast Mushroom Broccoli Noodles in Chicken Soup Peking duck Pig tongue Pork ribs Practice of Mapo tofu Prawns Roasted milk Scrambled Eggs with Chinese Chives Shredded Chicken Soy bean Spicy Crab Stewed Beef Neck Bone Summer Recipe Sweet and Sour Beef Swimming crab Tenderloin Tofu soup Winter Recipe Yangchun Noodles abalone beef bone marrow beef bones bitter gourd pork ribs soup boiled dumplings braised pork braised pork in brown sauce braising duck in brown sauce breakfast chicken lobster chicken wings coca cola chicken coconut cucumber eggplant fried rice garlic oyster grilled shrimp long bean loofah lunch mutton noodles vermicelli recipes oyster pork pork belly rib soup ribs rice vermicelli recipes roasting chicken wings sesame shredded potatoes sichuan fish fillet snap bean spicy crayfish steamed bass steamed bread stir-fried pork with mushrooms streaky pork suan cai yu sweet and sour pork tea eggs the boiling crab tofu tomato vermicelli recipes
AirFryer Bitter Bitter scent Boiled in water Braised in brown sauce Crispy pastry Fried Garlic paste Kwai Mapo tofu Marinate Pot soup Quick freezing Slightly spicy Spicy and spicy Steaming Stir fried eggs with leeks Sugar Vinegar acid all bake braise in soy sauce braising breakfast cheese cook dinner evaporate fragrant fresh fry frying garlic aroma halogen hot iced juice light oven peppery press roast saute seafood simmer soup spicy stew stifling sweet tonifying kidney vegetarian
Amomum villosum (optional) Angelica dahurica (optional) Arowana Wheat Core Wheat Flour BBQ dipping powder Balsamic Vinegar (Fish Flavored Sauce) Bay leaves,cinnamon (optional) Beef bone Beef neck bone Beef ribs Big Red Zhejiang Vinegar Black Fungus Black and white evaporated milk Black pepper Boba Carp Cassava starch brown Celery Cheese Chenpi Chicken Wing Roots Chili Noodles Chili noodle Chili oil Chinese cabbage Chinese chives Chives Coconut Coconut green Cola Commonly used condiments Cooked white sesame seeds Cooking wine(fish-flavored juice) Coriander seeds (optional) Corn oil Cornstarch Cowneck bone Crayfish Tail Crayfish Tails Crushed black pepper Cucumber Cumin Cumin grains Dark soy sauce(marinade) Donggu Yipinxian Doubanjiang Dried Chili Cotton Dried Chili Segments Dried chili pepper (optional) Dried chili peppers Dried shallots Dried yam Duck Easy Baked Red Bean Paste Easy Baking White Sugar Edamame Egg(take egg white) Erguotou Essence of Chicken Fish Sauce: Vinegar Flammulina velutipes Fragrant leaves Fresh Pork Wontons(Buy first) Fresh soy sauce Fried Peanuts Garlic paste Geranium leaves Ginger Garlic Sauce Grandma Township small mustard oil Granulated Sugar Green onion and ginger water Green part of spring onions Green peppercorns(optional) Green vegetables Ham Ham sausage High-gluten flour Honey Hong Kong style stockings milk tea Hot pot base material Huadiao wine Ice Konjac Korean hot sauce Lamb slice Licorice tablets(optional) Light Soy Sauce(Fish Flavored Sauce) Low-gluten flour Main ingredient: Pipa legs Medium gluten flour Millet Spicy Minced onion,ginger and garlic Momordica charantia Mrs. Le Shu Zhixian Must be like super milk Noodle Oil Oil and salt Old soy sauce Old vinegar Onion foam Onion ginger Onion, ginger, star anise Onions,ginger and garlic Oolong tea Orleans barbecue seasoning Osmanthus fragrans Overnight leftovers Pangasius(grass carp can also be used) Peanut Butter Pepper oil Pixian Doubanjiang Pixian bean paste Pork Hind(Tenderloin) Pork Lean/Pork Tenderloin Pork filling Pork tenderloin Portunus Potato Premium Seafood Sauce Presbyopia Quick frozen dumplings Raw smoking Red Amaranth Red Lantern Chili Red Oil Hot Pot Base Red Yeast Powder Red chili Ribs Rice wine (optional) Rock sugar (optional) Round eggplant Salt, MSG, sugar Scallion Scallion, ginger, and garlic Sea bass Sea pepper noodles Seasoning: shredded onion Sesame Shannai(optional) Shimizu (sauce) Shredded pork marinade: sliced ​​ginger Shredded seaweed Shuyi (Corn Syrup) Sichuan peppercorn Sijibao peanut butter Silky tofu Skim milk Small red chilis Soaked black fungus Soft white sugar(white sugar) Soy sauce, salt, chicken essence, dumpling stuffing with thirteen spices Soybean sprouts Spice yourself see below Spicy millet Sri Lankan black tea powder Starch(for cured meat) Steamed fish soy sauce Steamed fish with soy sauce Sunflower seed oil Surface decoration: Sydney Tapioca flour Tempeh Tenderloin Thirteen incense Thousand Island dressing Totole Abalone Chicken Sauce Totole Original Fresh Soy Sauce Totole Oyster Sauce Totole Premium Brewed Soy Sauce Tsaoko Vermicelli Very fresh taste Water Starch Water Starch(Fish Flavored Sauce) Water fungus White Peach Oolong Tea White buckle(not required) White chocolate White pepper White sesame White sesame seeds Whole wheat bread (steamed buns and rolls are fine) Xiangxue noodles Xinliang sticky rice noodles Xinliang water-milled glutinous rice flour Yamana Zero calorie sugar Zhejiang Red Vinegar abalone aged vinegar all purpose flour almond slices apple bagel cheese slices baking powder balsamic vinegar bean curd bean paste bean sprouts beef beef ball beef bone pounds beef/pork beer bell pepper big tomatoes black sesame seeds black tea black tea bag boiling water braised soy sauce broccoli brown sugar butter cabbage candied dates carrot carrot strips cashew caster sugar cherry tomato chicken chicken breast chicken essence chicken feet chicken powder chicken wings chili chili sauce chive flower chopped green onion chopped green onion(optional) chopped onion cinnamon clams clay pot clear water condensed milk cooked black sesame cooked rice cooked white sesame cooking oil cooking wine cooking wine(marinade) coriander coriander leaves corn corn starch crab cracked black pepper cramming cranberry crayfish cream crystal sugar cumin powder dried chili dried chili pepper dried ginger dried pepper dried raisins dried red chili pepper dried red pepper dried shiitake mushrooms drumstick dry red pepper dry yeast duck(whole duck) dumpling wrapper edible oil egg egg white eggplant eggs fan fennel fine sugar five spice powder flour free range eggs fresh yeast freshwater fish fuel consumption garlic garlic cloves garlic seeds garlic slices ginger ginger onion garlic ginger slices ginger(fresh ginger) grass carp green beans green onion green onion white green onions green orange green pepper ground beef hairy crab halibut roe hawthorn hot pot base hot water in chicken wings inner fat tofu jujube ketchup ketchup (sauce) kneading mat lamb leg bone lard lean meat leek moss lemon lettuce liquor little apple long bean loofah lotus root maltose meat tenderizer powder milk milk powder millet pepper minced garlic minced ginger minced ginger and garlic mushroom mutton native eggs northern tofuOne piece old soy onion osmanthus leaf oyster sauce oysters paper cup paprika pea peanut oil pepper pepper powder pepper sauce perilla pickled cabbage pickled ginger pickled peppers plain flour pork pork belly pork bellyabout pork ribs pork tongue potatoes potatoes(medium size) powdered sugar prawns pumpkin ready-made wonton wrappers red dates red pepper rice rice cake rice flour rice vinegar rice wine rolling pin salad oil salt salt (for bacon) salt and pepper salt, chicken essence salt(marinade) sauce sauerkraut scallions scallops sea bass(Japanese sea bass or flower cod) seaweed sesame oil shallots shrimp silken tofu single head garlic small dried chili peppers soy soy sauce soy sauce(marinade) soybean paste spinach squash star anise star anise cinnamon starch steakone ginger sugar sugar (fish sauce) sugar (sauce) sugar beads sweet bean sauce sweet potato starch swimming crab tea ten thick soy sauce thin round surface thin soy sauce toast tofu tomato tsp vanilla extract vegetable oil very light blue vinegar warm water water white onion white radish white sugar white tofu white vinegar whole wheat flour wild pepper wolfberry yam yeast yolk {brushed surface} egg yolk
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