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Braised pig tongue

By Wzp123

The Chinese New Year is coming soon, and braised vegetables are an essential dish on the dining table during the holiday. However, the braised vegetables in the braised vegetable shop are expensive unsanitary, and unsafe. Therefore, this year’s braised vegetables are planned to be made by oneself. Today, I tried braised pig tongue and it tasted good!

Braised pig tongue

Today, I tried braised pig tongue and it tasted good!


  • 1 pot


  • 1 pork tongue
  • 1 scoop soy sauce
  • half spoon old soy
  • 1 scoop oyster sauce
  • 6 g crystal sugar
  • 3 pieces ginger
  • 1 dried chili
  • Appropriate amount cooking wine
  • A little bit Salt
  • 3 pieces Fragrant leaves
  • 4 star anise


  • Wash a pork tongue with hot water to remove excess white tendons, etc.
  • Put clear water in the pot, add a little cooking wine and a few slices of ginger, put the pork tongue into the fire, and boil.
  • After boiling, cook on low heat for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Take out the pork tongue and rinse it under running water.
  • Use a knife or fingernail to scrape off the white coating of the pig's tongue.
  • Prepare marinade, clean the bay leaves and star anise, and slice ginger.
  • Pour clean water into the pot, add a spoonful of light soy sauce, half a spoonful of dark soy sauce, a spoonful of oyster sauce, bay leaves, rock sugar, star anise, and sliced ​​ginger, and drop a few drops of cooking wine, shake the pot to mix the ingredients.
  • Put the whole pork tongue into the pot and boil over high heat. Cook on low heat for 30 minutes or more! Let the pork tongue soak for another hour before taking it out.
  • Take out the cooked pork tongue.
  • Slice it up!
  • add a little sauce, put it on a plate and that's it!


When removing the tongue coating, you need your heart. I think nails are better than knives.
Author: Wzp123
Course: Braised pig tongue
Cuisine: Chinese
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