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Delicious Peking Roast Duck

By Wzp123

Today, let’s share the method of cooking Peking Roast Duck at home. When you want to eat it, you don’t have to buy it outside.

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What is the difference between Beijing roast duck and regular roast duck?

1. Different costs

Firstly, Beijing roast duck is usually roasted using fresh stuffed duck, weighing around 2.5 kilograms, and there are special

requirements for the roasting process.

Most of the ordinary roast ducks are refrigerated white ducks, weighing around 2 pounds, and ducks are also cheaper.

In addition, the production cost of Beijing roast duck is much higher than that of ordinary roast duck due to the requirements

of production technology, labor costs, and store rent.

2. Different processes

Beijing roast duck is made using unique techniques, such as using fruit trees such as jujube wood and pear wood as fuel, and the roasting time is also very long.

Beijing roast duck emphasizes the charred meat on the outside and tender inside, with a hint of fruity wood fragrance.

For ordinary roast duck, the roasting process is much simpler.

You only need to clean the frozen duck you bought, and then fry, air dry, and roast it to basically complete the production.

Ordinary roasted duck is also made with ordinary charcoal, which cannot be compared to authentic Beijing roast duck in

terms of taste.

Why is Beijing roast duck so special?

The reason why Beijing roast duck is known as a masterpiece of cuisine is inseparable from its unique production process.

Firstly, the selection of ducks is crucial, generally choosing ducks with moderate body size and good breeding.

Secondly, the marinating process of roasted duck is a key step, and the marinated spices should be accurately blended to

penetrate the inside of the duck meat, making the taste of roasted duck richer.

Then, hang the pickled duck on an open flame and bake it, making the duck skin golden and crispy, and keeping the meat

tender, smooth, and juicy.

The entire roasting process requires the chef’s skilled skills and experience in order to produce a perfect Beijing roast duck.

What is Beijing in Beijing Roast Duck?

It first appeared in Nanjing, but it flourished in Beijing.

Let’s take a look at its historical origins together: It is said that in the early Ming Dynasty, Nanjing salted duck was a popular product in Nanjing, loved by both the people and the emperor.

Some people even said that Emperor Taizu of Ming had one roast duck a day, so many ministers and court officials tried to

find chefs and various production techniques to please the emperor.

Among them, Quanjude’s “Barbecued Roast Duck” and Cheap Fang’s “Stewed Roast Duck” are the most famous.

Later, during the reign of Emperor Chengzu of Ming, Zhu Di usurped the throne and relocated the capital to Beijing.

Several skilled chefs were also brought to Beijing.

It was not until the Jiajing period that the technique of roast duck gradually became popular among the people.

In 1864, the famous roast duck restaurant “Quanjude” invented the method of fruit wood open fire roasting, which gave the

ducks a refreshing aroma of fruit wood and floated for ten miles. From then on, Beijing roast duck officially replaced “Nanjing

roast duck”.

So, remember, it’s Nanjing, not Beijing!

How does Beijing roast duck taste?

There are many different types of roast duck restaurants in Beijing, mainly divided into two major schools: hanging oven roast

duck and braised oven roast duck. The biggest feeling it gives me is that the color is quite red, the meat is very tender, and

when eaten in the mouth, it is quite mellow, and fat but not greasy.

The most crucial thing is that its skin is very crispy, and the meat inside is very tender.

The eating method is relatively simple, with pancakes paired with shredded scallions and cucumbers, as well as some secret


Dip the meat in the sauce, add vegetables, wrap them, and then eat them again, which is quite delicious.

Why is Beijing roast duck so delicious?

The essence of Beijing roast duck lies in its crispy skin. Its unique production method makes it crispy on the outside and

tender on the inside, with delicious meat.

The duck meat tastes fresh, tender, and juicy. The master cuts the Beijing roast duck meat into slices, which look delicious and

tempting. You can also dip it in sweet noodle sauce to eat together.

This instant melting duck meat makes people forget to leave. Of course, you can also roll up the duck meat dipped in sweet

noodle sauce with thin pancakes and add scallions Eating cucumber strips together, the satisfaction on the tip of the tongue is

not to mention how happy it is.

Is Peking Roast Duck healthy?

Beijing roast duck can be divided into two types based on different roasting methods: braised oven roast duck and hung oven

roast duck.

The braised duck is roasted using a floor furnace.

Before roasting, the inner wall of the oven is heated to a suitable temperature using a charcoal fire.

After extinguishing the open flame, the forked duck is placed in the furnace, the furnace door is closed, and the duck is roasted

using the heat from the furnace wall.

Due to the lack of open flames in ducks, the production of carcinogens is greatly reduced.

Hanging oven roast duck is a process of hanging ducks in an oven and igniting dried branches of fruit trees such as dates and

peaches or charcoal for open open-fire barbecue.

As is well known, directly grilling meat at high temperatures can produce a carcinogen called benzopyrene.

But the content of benzopyrene in roasted duck is only 0.38 micrograms/kg, far below the international standard of 1


This is because, although roasted duck is roasted over an open flame, in most cases it does not come into direct contact with

the flame.

Instead, the top and walls of the furnace reflect heat onto the duck, which greatly reduces the production of carcinogens.

In addition, the temperature inside the oven is usually stable at around 200 ℃, not very high, and the oven is clean and smokeless, effectively reducing the generation of harmful substances.

Peking Roast Duck

Today, let's share the method of cooking Peking Roast Duck at home. When you want to eat it, you don't have to buy it outside.


  • 1 Grill
  • 1 brush
  • 1 bowl


  • 1 cramming
  • 1 apple
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 piece onion
  • Appropriate amount salt and pepper
  • Appropriate amount five spice powder
  • 200 g Big Red Zhejiang Vinegar
  • 100 g maltose
  • Appropriate amount Chenpi


  • Prepare the materials, wash the duck, and drain the water
  • Mix the five-spice powder pepper and salt evenly, and rub it repeatedly in the duck belly to make it evenly
  • Cut apples, carrots, tangerine peel, and onions (scallions) into pieces and stuff them into the belly of the duck
  • Use toothpicks or bookmarks to sew up the duck belly without breaking
  • Hang the duck to dry in a ventilated place, or blow it with an electric fan, until the skin has no moisture
  • Maltose dissolves in water
  • Pour the melted maltose into the vinegar and stir evenly, this is skin water
  • Brush a skin of water on the duck that has been dried, brush it all evenly, continue to dry or blow it with an electric fan, wait for the first time to dry, then do the second time, the second time is dry, and the third time, each time you have to wait After drying, the skin is shiny and tight, and it can be smooth to the touch without moisture and non-sticky hands. The drying process may take several hours
  • Put the dried duck in the oven in 3D hot air mode, for 40 minutes, 180 degrees Celsius, the oven should be preheated at 200 degrees Celsius in the early stage
  • baked look
  • under the knife
  • Add cucumbers, green onions, and sauce, and you can eat it in one roll
  • tempting taste
  • Peking Roast Duck can be made at home
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