Spicy Szechuan Fish Fillet

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Dear friends, I am here to share an authentic Chinese Sichuan home-cooking dish – a Spicy Szechuan fish fillet. This dish is spicy and flavorful, and the fish meat is tender and delicious, definitely a godsend for the next meal. Let’s take a look at how to make this dish!

Does Szechuan have fish?

There are a lot of famous water-boiled dishes in Sichuan cuisine including boiled fish (boiled fish slices); water-boiled sliced pork, and boiled beef. Most of the dishes use slices rather than wedges or cubes because in order to keep the meat as tender as possible, the cooking time should be limited to just several minutes.

Where does Shui Zhu Yu come from?

Boiled fish, also known as river fish boiled in river water and sliced boiled fish, is a specialty dish of the Sichuan and Chongqing regions of China, belonging to the Sichuan cuisine family, and it was first popularized in Cuiyun Township, Yubei District, Chongqing Municipality.

What is Shui Zhu Yu in English?

Literally, the Chinese name for Sichuan boiled fish “Shui Zhu Yu (水煮鱼)” means water-boiled fish. The marinated fish slices are poached briefly in seasoned water.

What fish is used in mala fish?

Grass carp is usually used in restaurants because it is large, has tightly packed meat, has no earthy flavor, and is succulent. Grass carp has no earthy flavor and is made to taste very good. The price is also cheap.

Steps for szechuan fish fillet

Szechuan Fish Fillet

Dear friends, I am here to share an authentic Chinese Sichuan home-cooking dish - a Spicy Szechuan fish fillet.


  • 1 pot
  • 1 induction cooker
  • 1 Stir frying spoon


  • 650 g grass carp
  • 1 g Sichuan peppercorn
  • 5 g dried chili pepper
  • 8 g ginger slices
  • 6 g garlic slices
  • 8 g very light blue
  • 2 Potato
  • Appropriate amount chopped green onion
  • 6 g Salt
  • 10 ml water starch
  • 30 g Doubanjiang
  • 3 ml cooking wine
  • 5 g Sea pepper noodles
  • 4 g pepper powder
  • Appropriate amount Grandma Township small mustard oil
  • 1 Egg white


  • Prepare all ingredients.
    Steps for szechuan fish fillet
  • Add starch, salt, cooking wine, and egg whites to the fish fillets, mix well, and marinate for over half an hour.
    Steps for szechuan fish fillet
  • Pour hot oil into the pot - Arowana Grandma Township small mustard oil, the oil temperature is 70%, add bean paste, dried chili peppers, ginger garlic, and dried Sichuan peppercorns, and stir-fry until fragrant.
    Steps for szechuan fish fillet
  • Add an appropriate amount of water to cover the seasoning, and add green onions, braised soy sauce, chicken essence, and salt to taste. Then bring to a boil.
    Steps for szechuan fish fillet
  • After boiling, cook the side dishes and cut them raw. You can also add soybean sprouts and other side dishes. Drain when cooked, then add to the bottom of a bowl to make a base.
    Steps for szechuan fish fillet
  • After removing the side dishes, cook the fish fillets. Boil the fish head first and then cook the fish fillets for about 2 minutes.
  • Remove the fish fillets and sprinkle them with sea pepper noodles, Sichuan peppercorns, and white sesame seeds. Heat the oil in another pot until it smokes slightly. Pour the hot oil into the fish fillet bowl.
    Steps for szechuan fish fillet
  • Finally, sprinkle with a little chopped green onion and coriander to garnish.
    Steps for szechuan fish fillet
  • Done!
    Steps for szechuan fish fillet
  • Finished product picture.
    Steps for szechuan fish fillet
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