Encyclopedia of Bitter Gourd Rib Soup

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Bitter Gourd Rib Soup is a soup that relieves summer heat in Chaoshan area. It tastes bitter, sweet, and moist. It has the effects of clearing heat, removing heat, improving eyesight, and detoxifying. It is also commonly used among the people to treat summer heat, polydipsia, heat boils, and excessive prickly heat. Conjunctivitis and other symptoms. The two are an excellent combination to nourish the brain and strengthen the body.

Encyclopedia of Bitter Gourd Rib Soup


Chinese name:苦瓜排骨汤
Category:Home Cooking, Chaozhou Cuisine
Ingredients: bitter gourd, pork ribs, soybeans, pickled vegetables, lean meat or pork ribs


Clearing heat and removing toxins, with unique flavor.
Chef’s Points:
Bitter gourd should not be boiled for too long, otherwise it will turn brown and have no clear flavor.

nutritional value

Pork spare ribs (large rows): pork spare ribs provide high quality protein, fat necessary for human physiological activities, especially rich in calcium can maintain bone health; with nourishing yin and moistening dryness, benefiting the efficacy of the essence of blood, suitable for the deficiency of qi and blood, yin deficiency and nausea.
Bitter melon: Bitter melon contains chromium and insulin-like substances, which have obvious hypoglycemic effect. It can promote the decomposition of sugar and can improve the fat balance in the body, which is an ideal therapeutic food for diabetic patients. In addition, bitter melon also contains a unique physiological activity of protein and rich B vitamins, regular consumption can improve the body’s immune function, can prevent cancer and anti-cancer: bitter melon in the bitter ingredients – cinchona cream, can inhibit overexcited body temperature center, play a role in promoting diet, summer heat relief.

Recipe Compatibility

Pork Spare Ribs (Big Ribs): Pork should not be eaten with umeboshi, licorice, crucian carp, shrimp, pigeon meat, snails, almonds, donkey meat, mutton liver, cilantro, snappers, lozenges, buckwheat, quail meat, beef. Should not drink a lot of tea after eating pork.

Health Tips

Bitter gourd spare ribs are suitable for family summer consumption, is a hot summer appetizer and digestion, the old and young people are suitable for the delicacies.
Nutrients in Bitter Melon and Spare Ribs Soup
Calories (1649.98kcal) -Protein (97.38g) -Fat (127.51g) -Carbohydrates (33.58g) -Dietary Fiber (6.01g) -Vitamin A (114.30mcg) -Carotene (323.00mcg) -Thiamine (4.13mg) -Riboflavin (0.91mg) -Nicotinic Acid (28.42mg) -Vitamin C (146.10 mg) -Vitamin E (21.79 mg) -Calcium (382.70 mg) -Phosphorus (766.84 mg) -Sodium (3905.70 mg) -Magnesium (185.02 mg) -Iron (12.64 mg) -Zinc (10.56 mg) -Selenium (53.37 mcg) -Copper (1.32 mg) -Manganese (1.61 mg ) – Potassium (2440.34 mg) – Vitamin B6 (0.16 mg) – Pantothenic acid (0.96 mg) – Folic acid (187.10 mcg) – Vitamin K (103.20 mcg) – Cholesterol (825.00 mg)

nutritional value

1, promote diet, anti-inflammatory fever:
Bitter melon in the bitter melon glycosides and bittersweet can enhance appetite, spleen and stomach; contained alkaloids quinine, diuretic blood, anti-inflammatory fever, clear the mind and purpose;
2, anti-cancer:
Bitter melon protein components and a large number of vitamin C can improve the body’s immune function, so that the immune cells have the role of killing cancer cells; bitter melon juice contains a certain protein component that can strengthen the ability of macrophages, clinically effective for lymphosarcoma and leukemia; extracted from the seeds of the bitter melon pancreatic protease inhibitors can inhibit the secretion of the protease of the cancer cells, preventing the growth of malignant tumors;
3, lowering blood sugar:
The fresh juice of bitter melon, containing bitter melon glycosides and insulin-like substances, has a good hypoglycemic effect, is the ideal food for diabetics.

Suitable for eating

Suitable for eating
General population can be consumed.
1、It is suitable for patients with diabetes, cancer and prickly heat;
2、Bitter melon is cold in nature, and should not be consumed by people with cold spleen and stomach.


1、Don’t eat too much at one time.
2, bitter melon boiled water scrub skin, can clear heat and relieve itching prickly heat.
3, bitter melon, eggs eaten together can protect bones, teeth and blood vessels, so that iron is better absorbed, has the effect of stomach, can treat stomach gas pain, eye pain, colds, typhoid and pediatric diarrhea and vomiting.


Bitter melon is bitter in odor, non-toxic, cold in nature and enters the heart, liver, spleen and lung meridians;
It has the effects of clearing heat, removing heatstroke, improving eyesight and detoxification, diuretic, cooling blood, relieving labor and clearing the mind, and benefiting qi and yang;
It is mainly used in treating heat stroke, summer heat and thirst, summer boils, excessive prickly heat, eye redness and swelling, carbuncle and poison, burns, oliguria and other diseases.


The grain by grain tubercles on the body of bitter gourd are the characteristic of judging whether the bitter gourd is good or bad. The bigger and fuller the grain, the thicker the flesh; the smaller the grain, the thinner the flesh. Select bitter melon in addition to picking the tumor large, upright fruit rows, but also white and beautiful, because if the bitter melon yellowing, it means that it has been overripe, the flesh is soft and not crisp enough, losing the bitter melon should be the taste.

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