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Lemon Pepper Salt Shrimp Skewers

By Wzp123

For those of you who love grilled shrimp, today I’m going to present you with a recipe for lemon pepper shrimp skewers from China.

What goes well with shrimp skewers?
What to Serve with Shrimp Kabobs
  • Grains. Quinoa, brown rice, or white rice would be delicious with this recipe.
  • Veggies. Pair these kabobs with Sauteed Broccoli, Air Fryer Green Beans, or Roasted Carrots. …
  • Salad. …
  • Noodles.
What is the best way to put shrimp on a skewer?
An Easy Trick for Assembling Shrimp Skewers
  1. Thread one 8”-inch skewer through the thickest part of five or six large shrimp, making sure that you don’t place it too close to the end. …
  2. Take a second skewer and thread it near the tail end of the already skewered shrimp, working your way up.
How hot to grill shrimp skewers?

Preheat your grill to 350-450°F and set it up for direct cooking. Grill the shrimp over direct, medium heat for 5-7 minutes, turning the shrimp halfway through the process. The outside of the shrimp should turn a nice pink color when it is cooked while the meat inside should be white and opaque.

How long can you marinate shrimp?

How long to marinate shrimp? Marinate shrimp for around 30 minutes to 1 hour but no longer than 1 hour. If shrimp sits in citrus or vinegar for too long, it will start to cook and because extremely tough.

Steps to shrimp skewers

shrimp skewers

For those of you who love grilled shrimp, today I'm going to present you with a recipe for lemon pepper shrimp skewers from China.


  • 1 oven


  • 12 pieces prawns
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 g cracked black pepper
  • 10 g Corn oil
  • 10 g cooking wine


  • Use a toothpick to pick out the shrimp lines from the middle of the bamboo section on the back of the shrimp.
    Steps to shrimp skewers
  • Add black pepper, cooking wine, salt
    Steps to shrimp skewers
  • Add corn oil, mix well, and marinate at room temperature for 15 minutes.
    Steps to shrimp skewers
  • The bamboo stick is soaked in water and inserted into the shrimp.
    Steps to shrimp skewers
  • Line the air fryer with oil paper and add the prawns
    Steps to shrimp skewers
  • 185 degrees, ten minutes, turning over halfway through
    Steps to shrimp skewers
  • Lemon salt and pepper prawns are ready
    Steps to shrimp skewers
  • Have dinner
    Steps to shrimp skewers
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Cuisine: Chinese
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