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Pickled Chinese cabbage fish, also known as fish in sour soup, is a classic dish originating from Chongqing, and is famous for its unique seasoning and cooking techniques. Popular in the 1990s, it is one of the pioneers of Chongqing’s martial arts cuisine.

Pickled Chinese cabbage Fish is cooked with grass carp as the main ingredient, together with pickles and other ingredients. It tastes hot and sour; Fish contains rich and high-quality protein, which can provide people with rich nutrients such as protein and minerals; The lactic acid in pickled Chinese cabbage can promote the absorption of iron by the human body, and can also increase the appetite of people.

There are different opinions on the historical origin of pickled Chinese cabbage fish, which can not be verified. After inheritance, the production methods are different, but the taste is basically the same.

boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chili Encyclopedia

brief introduction

Chinese Name: 酸菜鱼

Foreign name: sauerkraut fish

Classification: Sichuan cuisine – Chongqing cuisine

Taste: Sour, spicy, and delicious

Main ingredients: fresh fish, kimchi

Nutrient composition: protein, minerals

Production process: stewing

Ingredients: Soaked ginger, scallions, Chinese prickly ash, garlic, refined salt, cooking wine, broth, cooked vegetable oil

Dish History

Legend One

Pickled Chinese cabbage Fish started from Jiangcun Fishing Boat in Jiangjin, Chongqing. It is said that the fisherman sold the big fish he caught for money, and often exchanged the small fish he sold for pickled Chinese cabbage with the farmers near the river.The fisherman cooked the soup with pickled Chinese cabbage and fresh fish in one pot. The soup was delicious, so some small shops transplanted it to supply diners from south to north. Pickled Chinese cabbage Fish was popular in the early 1990s, and has its place in restaurants of all sizes.Chongqing chefs have pushed it to the north and south of the motherland. pickled Chinese cabbage Fish is one of the pioneers of Chongqing cuisine.

Legend 2

The Zhouyu Food Shop, which was founded in Jinfu Township, Jiangjin County, Chongqing, was highly praised by the eaters for its pickled Chinese cabbage fish business in the mid-1980s. The shop has received many apprentices in succession. After the completion of the art, it left the shop to establish its own business, and the varieties of the shop also spread from all directions.

Legend Three

Laifeng Town, Bishan County, Chongqing is located on the side of the Chengdu Chongqing Highway. The Binan River runs through the street. There are many fresh fish production and a large number of fish cooking experts. It is known as “Laifu Town’s Beautiful Fresh Fish”. A snack shop at the bridgehead simply uses the word “Beautiful Fresh Fish” written by the national famous calligrapher Yang Xuanting. Before hanging the shop, it is both a market sign and a shop name. After the introduction of “Boiled Fish in Water”, it launched “pickled Chinese cabbage Fish”.

Legend Four

There was a good fisherman in Bishan County. One day, he caught some fish and went home. His wife mistakenly put the fish into the pot of pickled Chinese cabbage soup. Later, when he tasted it, it was extremely delicious. The fisherman praised everyone, and pickled Chinese cabbage fish became famous.

Legend Five

Pickled Chinese cabbage fish is used to make soup with fresh fish and pickled green vegetables. Because pickled green vegetables taste sour, it is named: Sichuan folk, pickled pickled Chinese cabbage with green vegetables in early winter, stored in large jars, ready to use and served until next summer. Pickled Chinese cabbage are often used together with chicken, duck, fish and meat to make soup.

Dish Features

The fish is fresh and tender, with a spicy and delicious taste.

Instructions for use

nutritive value

The main material of pickled Chinese cabbage fish is rich in high-quality protein, and the human body’s digestion and absorption rate can reach 96%, and it can supply essential amino acids, minerals, vitamin A and vitamin D for the human body; The fat of fish is mostly unsaturated fatty acids, which can effectively lower cholesterol and prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Therefore, eating more fish can lead to a healthy and long life.


Carp is rich in high-quality protein, with a digestion and absorption rate of up to 96%, and can provide essential amino acids, minerals, vitamin A, and vitamin D for the human body; The fat of carp is mostly unsaturated fatty acids, which can effectively lower cholesterol and prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Therefore, eating more fish can lead to a healthy and long life. Carp has a sweet taste and a mild nature. It has the effects of nourishing and strengthening the stomach, promoting diuresis and swelling reduction, promoting lactation, clearing heat and detoxification, and stopping symptoms and purgation. It is beneficial for various types of edema, bloating, bloating, oliguria, jaundice, and milk obstruction.


The lactic acid in pickled Chinese cabbage can stimulate the appetite, refresh the mind, sober up and remove the greasy, improve appetite, help digestion, and promote the absorption of iron by the human body. At the same time, cabbage becomes sour and its nutritional components are not easily lost. But pickled Chinese cabbage can only be eaten occasionally. If the human body lacks vitamin C, it should eat less. If the human body is greedy for a long time, it may cause urinary system stones, make red blood cells lose their oxygen carrying capacity, lead to tissue hypoxia, and cause skin and lips blue, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, panic and other poisoning symptoms, and even death in serious cases.

Nutrient composition

Calories (1182.25 kcal) Vitamin B6 (0.15 mg) Protein (183.25 g) Fat (41.56 g) Pantothenic acid (0.07 mg)

Carbohydrates (16.59 grams), folic acid (9.20 micrograms), dietary fiber (1.43 grams), cholesterol (840.00 milligrams), vitamin A (263.50 micrograms), carotene (81.20 micrograms), thiamine (0.36 milligrams), riboflavin (1.04 milligrams), niacin (28.44 milligrams), vitamin C (5.10 milligrams), vitamin E (14.53 milligrams), calcium (608.00 milligrams), phosphorus (2139.12 milligrams), potassium (3650.88 milligrams), sodium (1993.10 milligrams), magnesium (385.76 milligrams), iron (14.18 milligrams), zinc (21.69 milligrams), selenium (159.00 micrograms) Copper (0.74 mg) Manganese (1.03 mg)

Suitable population

It can be consumed by the general population, especially suitable for patients with fatigue deficiency, wind deficiency headache, liver yang hyperactivity, hypertension, headache, persistent malaria, and cardiovascular disease.

matters needing attention

Eating fish can worsen symptoms in people with gout. Suffering from hemorrhagic diseases such as thrombocytopenia, hemophilia, and vitamin E deficiency, it is recommended to eat less or no fish.

Nutritional efficacy

Grass carp has a sweet taste, warm nature, and is non-toxic. It enters the liver and stomach meridians;

It has the effects of warming the stomach, calming down liver yang, dispelling wind, treating arthralgia, intercepting malaria, benefiting the intestines and brightening the eyes;

Indications: Deficiency of labor, wind deficiency headache, hyperactivity of liver yang, hypertension, headache, and persistent malaria.

Obtaining Honors

On September 10, 2018, pickled Chinese cabbage Fish, one of Chongqing’s top ten classic dishes, was on the list at the 2018 first “Chinese cuisine” event to the world held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, and the large-scale exchange meeting of national provincial classic dishes and famous banquets.

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