Chinese garlic oyster recipe

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Every year from the beginning of spring to the Qingming Festival is the most fertile period for garlic oyster in China. I buy a few pounds of garlic oyster every year to eat. Oysters are rich in trace elements such as zinc and taurine, especially taurine can promote the decomposition of cholesterol and help reduce blood lipid levels; oysters also contain vitamin B12, which can activate hematopoietic function; rich taurine in oysters has Obvious effect of protecting the liver and gallbladder; oyster is a good food for calcium supplementation.

The practice of garlic oysters

Every year from the beginning of spring to the Ching Ming Festival, the oysters are the most plump. As a native of the northern inland, I don’t know when to start eating them. Every year, I buy a few catties of Rushan oysters to satisfy my hunger.


  • 1 induction cooker
  • 1 wok
  • 1 frying spoon



  • 5 catties oysters
  • 3 cloves of garlic garlic
  • 3 root chopped green onion
  • 1 bundle fan


  • Appropriate amount Salt
  • Appropriate amount soy sauce
  • Appropriate amount chili sauce
  • Appropriate amount sesame oil
  • a little sugar


  • Prepare the ingredients, clean the oysters with a brush, prepare 3 heads of garlic peeled, a spoonful of chili sauce (the chili sauce tutorial has been released before), three chives, friends who love to eat vermicelli can soak the vermicelli in water.
  • Chop all the garlic into fine pieces, the more finely chopped the better.
  • Put the oil in the pan and heat it up to 50% heat, add the minced garlic over a medium-low heat, and fry until it turns golden yellow and pour out the oil at the bottom of the pan.
  • Add a spoonful of light soy sauce, 2g of salt, 1g of sugar to enhance the flavor, and a spoonful of sesame oil in the fried minced garlic, stir well and set aside.
  • This step is mainly to pry open the oysters, but if the freshness is not easy to pry, you can steam it in the pot for 2 minutes first, so that the oysters will all open a small mouth and it is easier to pry.
  • Pry open the oysters and rinse the shells to ensure that the oysters are clean without any sediment.
  • Put the cleaned oysters into the steamer. At this time, you can turn on the fire and add ingredients to the oysters while boiling water. Put in the soaked vermicelli, don't add too much vermicelli.
  • Put a spoonful of fried garlic sauce on each oyster, and a small amount of chili sauce (available on the homepage of the chili sauce tutorial). Friends who do not have chili sauce use millet pepper instead.
  • Cover the pot with medium heat and steam for 5 minutes. Open the pot and add chopped green onion and a little bit of raw garlic (you can leave it out if you don’t like raw garlic) and then serve.
  • The plump oysters and their juices are super enjoyable, and it’s economical to make them at home. It’s delicious and doesn’t add meat. It’s a must for supper~


Oyster ash is very difficult to pry. It is best to have special tools for oysters or a flat-head screwdriver. Remember to wear gloves. Regarding the garlic sauce, don’t be lazy, the finer the chop, the better, and it must be fried first, and you must not try to steam the raw garlic directly on the oysters, the taste of the oysters will be overturned, trust me! When frying minced garlic, add a little more oil. The garlic sauce produced in this way will be very fragrant after steaming oysters with oil and garlic. If the minced garlic is fried relatively dry, the steamed oysters will not It will be delicious. Oysters do not need to be steamed for a long time. If the steaming time is too long, the meat quality will shrink and the taste will become hard.
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Cuisine: Chinese
Keyword: garlic aroma

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Oysters with Garlic is a seafood dish with oysters as the main ingredient and garlic and chili pepper (you can leave it out if you can’t eat spicy food) as the main accessories.Encyclopedia of Oysters with Garlic

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  1. Adam Dawson says:

    5 stars
    Great! Super tasty! In addition, I threw in more fresh herbs, freshly grated mozzarella cheese, and even a little leftover homemade pesto I had, which really was a great add on.

    1. Alex Misty says:

      Thanks a lot for giving it a go!

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    Turn out really good. But I think the cooking time in the recipe needs to be longer so that the sauce can be more rich.

  3. It looks delicious

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