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Beijing Crispy Roast Duck (Oven Version)

By Wzp123

First time to make Beijing Crispy Roast Duck, welcome to gather around, there must be a lot of either good or bad experience for your reference.

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What is the difference between Beijing roast duck and regular roast duck?

1. Different costs

Firstly, Beijing roast duck is usually roasted using fresh stuffed duck, weighing around 2.5 kilograms, and there are special

requirements for the roasting process;

Most of the ordinary roast ducks are refrigerated white ducks, weighing around 2

pounds, and ducks are also cheaper.

In addition, the production cost of Beijing roast duck is much higher than that of ordinary roast duck due to the requirements

of production technology, labor costs, and store rent.

2. Different processes

Beijing roast duck is made using unique techniques, such as using fruit trees such as jujube wood and pear wood as fuel, and

the roasting time is also very long.

Beijing roast duck emphasizes the charred meat on the outside and tender inside, with a hint of fruity wood fragrance.

For ordinary roast duck, the roasting process is much simpler.

You only need to clean the frozen duck you bought, and then fry, air dry, and roast it to basically complete the production.

Ordinary roasted duck is also made with ordinary charcoal, which cannot be compared to authentic Beijing roast duck in

terms of taste.

Why is Beijing roast duck so special?

The reason why Beijing roast duck is known as a masterpiece of cuisine is inseparable from its unique production process.

Firstly, the selection of ducks is crucial, generally choosing ducks with moderate body size and good breeding.

Secondly, the marinating process of roasted duck is a key step, and the marinated spices should be accurately blended to

penetrate the inside of the duck meat, making the taste of roasted duck more rich.

Then, hang the pickled duck on an open flame and bake it, making the duck skin golden and crispy, and keeping the meat

tender, smooth, and juicy.

The entire roasting process requires the chef’s skilled skills and experience in order to produce a perfect Beijing roast duck.

What is Beijing in Beijing Roast Duck?

It first appeared in Nanjing, but it flourished in Beijing.

Let’s take a look at its historical origins together: It is said that in the early Ming Dynasty, Nanjing salted duck was a popular

product in Nanjing, loved by both the people and the emperor.

Some people even said that Emperor Taizu of Ming had one roast duck a day, so many ministers and court officials tried to

find chefs and various production techniques to please the emperor.

Among them, Quanjude’s “Barbecued Roast Duck” and Cheap Fang’s “Stewed Roast Duck” are the most famous.

Later, during the reign of Emperor Chengzu of Ming, Zhu Di usurped the throne and relocated the capital to Beijing.

Several skilled chefs were also brought to Beijing.

It was not until the Jiajing period that the technique of roast duck gradually became popular among the people. In 1864, the

famous roast duck restaurant “Quanjude” invented the method of fruit wood open fire roasting, which gave the ducks a

refreshing aroma of fruit wood and floated for ten miles.

From then on, Beijing roast duck officially replaced “Nanjing roast duck”. So, remember, it’s Nanjing, not Beijing!

How does Beijing roast duck taste?

There are many different types of roast duck restaurants in Beijing, mainly divided into two major schools: hanging oven roast

duck and braised oven roast duck.

The biggest feeling it gives me is that the color is quite red, the meat is very tender, and when eaten in the mouth, it is quite

mellow, fat but not greasy.

The most crucial thing is that its skin is very crispy, and the meat inside is very tender.

The eating method is relatively simple, with pancakes paired with shredded scallions and cucumbers, as well as some secret sauce.

Dip the meat in the sauce, add vegetables, wrap them, and then eat them again, which is quite delicious.

Why is Beijing roast duck so delicious?

The essence of Beijing roast duck lies in its crispy skin. Its unique production method makes it crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with delicious meat.

The duck meat tastes fresh, tender, and juicy.

The master cuts the Beijing roast duck meat into slices, which look delicious and tempting.

You can also dip it in sweet noodle sauce to eat together.

This instant melting duck meat makes people forget to leave.

Of course, you can also roll up the duck meat dipped in sweet noodle sauce with thin pancakes and add scallions Eating

cucumber strips together, the satisfaction on the tip of the

tongue is not to mention how happy it is.

Is Peking duck healthy?

Beijing roast duck can be divided into two types based on different roasting methods: braised oven roast duck and hung oven roast duck.

The braised duck is roasted using a floor furnace.

Before roasting, the inner wall of the oven is heated to a suitable

temperature using a charcoal fire.

After extinguishing the open flame, the forked duck is placed in the furnace, the furnace

door is closed, and the duck is roasted using the heat from the furnace wall.

Due to the lack of open flames in ducks, the production of carcinogens is greatly reduced.

Hanging oven roast duck is a process of hanging ducks in an oven and igniting dried branches of fruit trees such as dates and

peaches or charcoal for open fire barbecue.

As is well known, directly grilling meat at high temperatures can produce a carcinogen called benzopyrene.

But the content of benzopyrene in roasted duck is only 0.38 micrograms/kg, far below the international standard of 1


This is because, although roasted duck is roasted over an open flame, in most cases it does not come into direct contact with

the flame.

Instead, the top and walls of the furnace reflect heat onto the duck, which greatly reduces the production of carcinogens.

In addition, the temperature inside the oven is usually stable at around 200 ℃, not very high, and the oven is clean and

smokeless, effectively reducing the generation of harmful substances.

Peking Crispy Roast Duck Step by Step

Beijing Crispy Roast Duck

First time to make Beijing Crispy Roast Duck, welcome to gather around, there must be a lot of either good or bad experience for your reference.


  • 1 oven
  • 1 Chopper
  • 1 Chopping board
  • 1 Electronic Scale
  • 1 brush


  • 1 Duck three times
  • 95 g Honey
  • 20 g white vinegar
  • 30 g clear water
  • 208 g little apple


  • Whole duck. Considering that this was my first time making it, I divided the duck into three parts, one for the head and neck, and one for the body. Reduce the technical difficulty and bake it easier.
    Peking Crispy Roast Duck Step by Step
  • I washed the duck in boiling water for a full 2 ​​hours before the duck feathers were roughly cleaned. It was too troublesome. Just here, there are still some tiny hairs that cannot be cleaned out. After washing, I dried the duck inside and out with kitchen paper. Afraid that it wouldn't dry, I let it dry for another half an hour.
    Peking Crispy Roast Duck Step by Step
  • Mix 95g of honey, 30g of water and 20g of white vinegar together and stir evenly.
    Peking Crispy Roast Duck Step by Step
  • Use a brush and hands to smear the mixed honey water on the inside and outside of the duck. In order to spread it evenly, I also gave the duck a full body massage.
    Peking Crispy Roast Duck Step by Step
  • Then I put it in the box and marinated it for 1 hour.
    Peking Crispy Roast Duck Step by Step
  • Then find a place to dry and marinate overnight. Unable to find a suitable place, I hung it in the garage. 2. The next morning, I mixed 95g of honey, 30g of water, and 20g of white vinegar together and stirred evenly. Touched it again. Then continue to dry all morning, about 4 hours. 3. To sum up, it is equivalent to applying honey juice twice before putting it in the oven.
    Peking Crispy Roast Duck Step by Step
  • The skin of the finally dried duck is a bit hard.
    Peking Crispy Roast Duck Step by Step
  • Start preparing two small apples
    Peking Crispy Roast Duck Step by Step
  • Peel and chop. That's about right.
    Peking Crispy Roast Duck Step by Step
  • As shown in the picture, fill the duck's belly with apples. Then turn it over and put it away. Remember to line the baking sheet with tin foil.
    Peking Crispy Roast Duck Step by Step
  • As shown in the picture, stuff both halves of the duck with apples and place them upside down. Remember to wrap the legs and wings with tin foil. The duck head and duck neck, the areas with less meat, should also be wrapped in tin foil.
    Peking Crispy Roast Duck Step by Step
  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees for 10 minutes. 2. Bake for 20 minutes.
    Peking Crispy Roast Duck Step by Step
  • After 20 minutes, take it out and brush it with honey water again. The recipe is still as given in the list. After brushing, bake at 170-180 degrees for 30 minutes.
    Peking Crispy Roast Duck Step by Step
  • This is done.
    Peking Crispy Roast Duck Step by Step
  • It's baked.


1. The honey water given in my formula is a one-time amount. But the whole roast duck needs to be used three times, so remember to prepare three portions.
2. The oven is different from the oven. Remember to check it from time to time when baking. To prevent overcooking.
Author: Wzp123
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Cuisine: Chinese
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Beijing roast duck is a world-renowned Beijing dish that originated during the Northern and Southern Dynasties in China.

The “Food Treasure Record” already records grilled duck, which was a famous palace dish at that time. The material used is

high-quality meat duck, roasted with fruit wood charcoal fire, with a rosy color, fat but not greasy meat, crispy on the outside

and tender on the inside.

Beijing roast duck is divided into two major schools, and the most famous roast duck restaurant in Beijing is also a

representative of both schools.

It is known as the “world’s delicacy” due to its bright red color, tender meat, mellow taste, and fat but not greasy


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