Encyclopedia of Chicken Soup Noodles

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Chicken Soup Noodles, a delicious noodle, is mainly made of noodles and chicken soup, which tastes salty and fresh.

brief introduction

Chicken Soup Noodles

Chinese name:鸡汤面

Classification: Pasta

Taste: Salty and fresh

Main ingredients: noodles and chicken soup


1. Chicken soup

Chicken soup noodles are the most important. The best chicken is a local hen. Mother chicken soup has the effect of tonifying deficiency, effectively treating colds, and local chickens are more nutritious than feed chickens. Clean the chicken, put it in a pot, pour water until all the chickens are submerged, bring to a boil over high heat, and then simmer for 1 hour on low heat. When stewing, seasonings such as scallions, ginger, and pepper can be added according to your own taste. If you have a ready made stew package, you can also add one, which will significantly improve the taste. After stewing the chicken, put it in a bowl to cool, wear disposable gloves, tear the chicken into small pieces by hand, and then put it back into the chicken soup.

2. Face

There are many types of noodles. Ordinary noodles are fine, but the noodles made by hand will have a better taste. Boil the noodles in water, pour a small bowl of water into the pot after boiling, add some spinach leaves, and then cook until the water boils. Some people like to put noodles in cold water, which will make their taste better.

3. Finished product

Take out the noodles and put chicken soup on the noodles. A bowl of delicious [1] chicken soup noodles is finished. You can add some salt according to your taste.

Step of Tomato Chicken Soup Noodles
Tomato chicken soup noodles
The sour tomato chicken soup noodles are really eager to eat! Especially in the end to make an egg flower, not only the color is beautiful and appetite, but also supplemented the protein in nutrition.


Chicken noodle soup is the most delicious food in winter. It has tonic effect.

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