Encyclopedia of Sesame cookies

By Wzp123

Sesame cookie, a type of cookie. The main ingredients are butter, sugar, milk powder, wheat flour, sesame seeds (black) .


Encyclopedia of Sesame cookies

Chinese name: Sesame Biscuit
Ingredients: butter, sugar, milk powder, wheat flour


Egg 50.0g
Milk powder (multi-dimensional milk powder) 40.0g
Wheat flour (standard) 300.0g
Sesame seeds (black) 80.0g

Detailed introduction

1, soften the butter at room temperature, add granulated sugar and beat loosely.
2, add the egg mixture and beat evenly.
3, add milk powder, sifted low-flour and baking powder with your hands into a ball, and then add sesame seeds to scratch evenly.
4, the dough is divided into 15g of small balls, rolled round and flattened, rows into the baking sheet.
5, preheat the oven at 160 degrees Celsius, bake on the upper level for 20 to 22 minutes until the surface is slightly colored.

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