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Steamed Swimming Crab

By Wzp123

1. A good swimming crab has a blue and hard back, and a full and heavy abdomen. Carefully observe the crab’s calves, which are hard and difficult to pinch, and the fattest ones.

2. Look at the belly button. The belly button of a good shuttle crab is generally light red, the more red the belly button is, and the stronger the belly button, the fatter the crab will be.

3. Look at the crab lid. By looking at the crab lid, you can determine the fullness of the cream yellow, and whether there are any yellow or red things on the tips on both sides of the lid. The more it is, the more it proves its cream yellow. This can only identify female crabs.

4. Identify vitality. A lively crab will quickly dodge its protruding eyes, move its claws around, and feel heavy in its hand, indicating that it is relatively fat

Steamed Swimming Crab

A better swimming crab has a blue and hardback and a full and heavy abdomen. Carefully observe the crab's calves, which are hard and difficult to pinch, making them the most plump


  • 4 Portunus
  • Appropriate amount minced ginger
  • Appropriate amount balsamic vinegar


  • Choose fresh swimming crabs with green shell and white belly.
  • There are two tricks to steaming crabs without losing their legs. One is to pierce the place where the crab spits foam with a bamboo stick, and the other is to put the freshly bought crabs in the refrigerator for an hour.
  • Clean the crabs with a small brush, with the abdomen facing up, and steam for 15 minutes.
  • Use minced ginger and balsamic vinegar to make a dipping sauce. Ginger not only has the effect of dispelling cold but also has the effect of removing fishy smell from crab meat. A must-have flavor-enhancing ingredient for dipping sauces.


Regarding steaming swimming crabs, use cold water or boiling water. This question depends on whether you are steaming male crabs or female crabs. If you are steaming male swimming crabs, it is recommended to steam them in a pot with cold water. Because the process of steaming in cold water will slowly generate steam, the meat of swimming crabs will be steamed slowly, which can keep the moisture of crab meat and lock the umami taste of crab meat, making crab meat delicious and delicious. The legs are not easy to fall off. If it is a female crab, because the female crab has crab roe, it is recommended to steam it in a pot of boiling water. The hot water in the pot will shorten the struggling time of swimming crabs, avoid the loss of crab roe, and can also make the crab roe solidify quickly so that the steamed crab roe is more delicious. Regarding the time of steaming crabs, whether it is swimming crabs steamed in a cold water pot or a boiling water pot, generally after the water is boiled and steamed to the steam, the swimming crabs under 3 taels should continue to steam for about 10 minutes, and those with 3-4 double weights should continue to steam for 12 minutes For about 4 taels or more, continue to steam for about 15 minutes. Note that this time is after SAIC. Generally, every time the body weight increases by 1 Liang, the steaming time will increase by about 2 minutes, so the conversion can be done.
Author: Wzp123
Course: Swimming crab
Cuisine: Chinese
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